"Raruurien" is a heartwarming slice of life webcomic about Rien, a widow witch with two sons, living in a small mountain village. To maintain a peaceful life without her husband, she has to assimilate with the villagers, learn their culture, become a role model for her sons and also keep a low profile by confining her powerful magyx in public.

Raruurien was initially published as one of three comics in Kroma Comic Anthology in 2016. The book won the Pakoban Award (2016) as the Best Compilation and TGR Award (2016) as the Best Local Comic. Raruurien also independently won Bronze in 10th Japan's International Manga Awards (2017).

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~Ann Maulina


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About the Author

Ann Maulina is an artist from Indonesia, currently working as a freelance game and concept artist. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design, which gives her a high advantage on art and design projects. She enjoys working on comic and art projects on her spare time. She also currently occupies her time working on various comic projects, including Glow (Kickstarter) as a sequential artist.

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